For a while I have been thinking about putting a blog together. I won’t lie, I’ve tried this before, and failed (I know, failure “at” something like this is only in our heads, and we only fail in our own expectations). There are probably 4 or 5 “Kyle Delhagen” blogs out there in the internet-sphere!

Anyway, I’ve been feeling this itch to put together a platform to share my sermons with a wider audience. Some of the things I’ve been feeling and writing and preaching about weekly have felt much bigger than the congregation I currently serve. When a young black kid in Missouri is shot dead, Jesus has something to say to all of us. When millions of Syrians are flooding into neighboring countries, we have a duty to act.

I’m not sure if my words will inspire or fall flat, cause discomfort or shouts of “Amen!”, but I do know I feel called to share them with you (whoever “you” are!).

So I look forward to sharing these pieces of myself as I have encountered the Divine, and perhaps occasionally writing directly here as I feel driven!

So friends, let’s buckle up and see where this caffeine fueled enterprise takes us, shall we?